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Niels Helsloot (1959-2008) was an independent investigator of philosophical backgrounds and practical implications of conceptions of language (including truth, meaning and identity). After having studied Dutch linguistics and literature at the Free University in Amsterdam and philosophy at the University of Amsterdam, he obtained his Ph.D. at the Erasmus University Rotterdam with a dissertation on Friedrich Nietzsche's 'gaya scienza' [fröhliche Wissenschaft]. Apart from that, he was translator and editor of philosophical works, co-founder of Parrèsia Press (a small philosophical publishing house) and a member of its editorial board, philosophy teacher, translation teacher and tutor in academic skills.


Those pages mainly include references to personal work published elsewhere. On publications that appeared only in Dutch some summary information is given in English; in such cases, the translated titles are given between square brackets. Where possible, full texts are annexed (this work is in progress).

A foundation will go on adding text to this page, so the unpublished work of Niels Helsloot will be open to the public. For more information you can email to the "Contact" logo at the upper right side of this page.


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