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Only presentations in English are included here; the complete list includes presentations in Dutch as well.


2001 Henry Sweet Society, Annual Colloquium, Munich (5 September); Paper: Divine rocks. On Ferdinand de Saussure's metrics

1998 Henry Sweet Society, Fifteenth Annual Colloquium, Amsterdam (16-19 september); Paper: Nietzsche's tone

1994 Henry Sweet Society, Annual Colloquium, Brighton (30 augustus-1 september); Paper: The power of repetition. Ferdinand de Saussure's research on anagrams

1993 International Conference on Humor and Laughter, International Society for Humor Studies, Luxemburg (30 september-3 oktober); Paper: The fool and the troubadour in Friedrich Nietzsche's Gay Science

1992 International Conference of the Poetics and Linguistics Association, Gent (9-11 september); Paper: Towards a post-marxist theory of language

1992 Tenth International Humor Congress, Association française pour le développement des recherches sur le comique, le rire et l'humour/International Society for Humor Studies, Paris (6-9 juli); Paper: The laughter of science

1992 International Conference on Sociolinguistics, Research Committee for Sociolinguistics of the International Sociological Association, Nijmegen (9-11 juni); Paper: [met Stef Slembrouck, Universiteit van Gent] Systemic impurities, Towards an interrelational linguistics

1990 International Pragmatics Conference, IPrA, Barcelona (9-13 juli); Poster: Ideology, discourse, and the object of pragmatics. The case of laughter


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